Steering Committee

The mission of the EngineerGirl Steering Committee is to strengthen the contribution of the EngineerGirl program to students, parents, the educational community, and other interested stake-holders. The steering committee advises the National Academy of Engineering about the direction and content of the EngineerGirl website.  

In carrying out it's charge the committee:

  • Guides the NAE in producing a site that is attractive and interesting to middle school youth, primarily girls.
  • Advises the NAE leadership about issues and opportunities in engineering outreach and new technologies, in particular, regarding opportunities to revise, improve and expand the content and format of the EngineerGirl website.
  • Develops long-term strategies for the development of the EngineerGirl program, in the context of changing technologies and societal needs and recommends specific activities and priorities to implement these strategies on the EngineerGirl website;
  • Recommends activities and priorities for public education and outreach through the EngineerGirl website on issues relevant to its mission; and
  • Selects the yearly essay contest topic and chooses the final contest winners.