Stories & Interviews

Dean Liu

Interview with Dean Tsu-Jae King Lu

EG at Rosie the Riveter

EngineerGirl @ WWII Home Front Natl  Historic Park

EG at Stanford

EngineerGirl at Stanford University


EngineerGirl @ Bay Area Rapid Transit

Nevin Altunyurt

Interview with Nevin Altunyurt

EG at Redfin

EngineerGirl @ Redfin

EG at Expanding Your Horizons

EngineerGirl @ Expanding Your Horizons Annual Conference

EG at NASA Ames

EngineerGirl @ NASA Ames


EngineerGirl @ USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

EG at Northgate

EngineerGirl @ Northgate

Eliza Du

Interview with Eliza Y. Du

EG at Berkeley

EngineerGirl @ UC Berkeley

EG at Lawrence Livermore

EngineerGirl @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

EG at GoldieBlox

EngineerGirl @ Goldibox

EG at Pixar

EngineerGirl @ Pixar Animation Studios

EG at GE Ventures

EngineerGirl @ GE Ventures


EngineerGirl @ Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

Jennifer Lin

Interview with Jennifer Lin

EG at Ford Research Center

EngineerGirl @ Ford Research & Innovation Center

EngineerGirl at San Jose State

EngineerGirl @ San Jose State

Beth Manners Interview Photo

Interview with Beth Manners

Sarah Dolatshahi

Interview with Sara Dolatshahi

Ruoyi Zhou Image

What it Takes to be a Matierial Science Engineer

Beryl Chen Sketch

Interview with Beryl Chen