TRY THIS! Design Challenges

Try your hand an engineering with these design challenges that use common household items.

Aerial view of oil spill in ocean

Clean Up an Oil Spill

Using household objects, Design and construct floating boom that will prevent an oil spill from reaching the beach and absorb as much oil as possible from a spill.

Birdge made from toothpicks and marshmallows

Build a Bridge

Design a bridge out of a limited number of toothpicks and marshmallows that is strong enough to support at least 10 pennies in a small cup.

Share your design!

Ask your parents to share photos/videos/drawings of your creations with @EngineerGirlNAE on social media and use #EGirlTryThis in the posts!

Submit images and stories for publication on EngineerGirl.

Every two months, EngineerGirl will randomly draw the name of one person who submitted a design to EngineerGirl to receive a special EngineerGirl Bag and Water bottle.

EgineerGirl Tote bag and water bottle