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There are less than 20 bobsleigh tracks in the entire world approved by the sport's international governing organization.

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How did you determine the type of engineering you wanted to study in college?

by Mia Sacco from Stephens City

Hi Tiera! I am a rising senior in high school and have been juggling what kind of engineering to study in college. How did you determine the type of engineering you wanted to study in college?

There are plenty of traditional, nontraditional, and interdisciplinary fields of engineering that might just match up with your interests, whether they involve design, architecture, law, business, geography, psychology, or education. As an acoustical engineer, you might develop a state-of-the-art sound studio, or as a sports engineer you might create equipment that tests the performance of athletes.  You might also work in “human factors engineering,” a fascinating field that takes human behavior and psychology into account in developing products and systems.


The average annual salary for engineers in special and interdisciplinary fields varies significantly depending on the specialty.  However, for a general entry-level engineer it ranges between $62,284–$75,747.*


  • As an oceanographic engineer, design instruments that can map the ocean floor
  • As a fire protection engineer, develop the fire exit layout for a school
  • As a forensic engineer, investigate a suspicious explosion at a manufacturing plant
  • As a package engineer, design a new bottle for hand cream that increases the shelf life of the product
  • As a systems engineer, design and coordinate large and complex projects known as systems
  • As a safety engineer, inspect a chemical manufacturing company, making sure that workers aren’t exposed to dangerous fumes
*Source: Salary.com 2019
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