Ioana Ka
Ioana Ka
Front End Development Consultant, Oliver IT

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Born and schooled in Romania now I'm hanging everyday at my work which I'm very fond of. And that is being involved in IT projects that are meant to improve or automate existing business processes. From seating and talking with a customer, discussing about company processes which can be improved, increasing usability of applications or finding bottlenecks, to designing IT solutions and eventually implementing them. And these solutions are mostly focused on building automatic business processes and self service applications: mobile or web. So in the end, like my boss says, I'm a geek who likes building code but also can talk with customers and discuss IT/non-IT solutions. Since companies or organizations tend to cover themselves in IT solutions which occasionally make processes more complicated than they should. Sometimes one of the key solutions may be better communication to, for example raise responsibility and awareness or erase borders in order to increase productivity. And this is what I love about this job: energy, diversity, innovation, freedom with a strong DIY patch. But also in some limits: deadlines, approvals and managers. So this is me, riot engineer grrrl!

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