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Hannah Millar
Hannah Millar
Business & Systems Integration Consultant, Accenture
United Kingdom

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Hannah graduated with Bachelors in Engineering and Enterprise Management from the University of Strathclyde in 2007, joining Accenture in 2008 as an Analyst working on the integration of large scale systems into a range of industries including public and financial services. Engineering provided the perfect platform to test problem solving skills, and develop a “can do” attitude which has kept Hannah working with top global companies in fast paced technical environments. One of the best things about being a female engineer is the strong connections maintained with other engineers, and the positive approach which is taken to every challenge.
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Latest Questions
  • Andrea, Douglassville

    Added Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    I have already graduated college with a bachelors degree in general management. I was a math major for 3 years, but stupidly allowed one professor to deter me from continuing. I stood out as a math student in college, and continue to regret my decision to hastily change my major. I am a manager at a hotel with a lot of experience. In this position I am constantly thinking of ways to stay above all other hotels in the area, and we are the best in the area. I have changed many procedures at this ...
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    Hannah Millar, Accenture
    Answered Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 9:30 AM
    Hi Andrea - not sure if it is the same in the US (I am in the UK), but often firms here look at "Analytical Problem Solving Skills" as the key asset they look for.  This, in my view, is essential to any engineering, or project management related role.  I ...
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