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STEM was never something I thought about as a girl. Now I’m about to apply to college. How can I get into a stem program without a background in it?
I want to be an environmentalist engineer. How can I compete with people that have been to robotics camps and science camp? I read about alternative energy and I like math. But I don’t have a background to prove my worth, because stem was never pushed with girls at my school. Can I do anything to prep now?
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  • Sharon Kenny , US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Answered Friday, November 3, 2017 at 12:22 PM
    I think that having a non-STEM background does not limit you; it enhances your perspectives and the set of skills you have as an engineering student.  So do not be shy when describing yourself and your interest in pursuing a degree in engineering in your college application essay.  Make sure you state clearly that this is a calling, a desire to learn about science and engineering that you have discovered within yourself, and that your experience is limited because your school did not encourage girls in those fields.
    Are there any STEM clubs in your school you can join?  Is there a Girls Who Code club near your home?  Perhaps the Community College nearby can help you find STEM resources near you.
    Jenny, feel free to reach out to me by email to if you have more questions.  Also, keep in touch.  I am interested in seeing how you progress; we can celebrate your successes along the way!