Environmental Engineer

  • Try This: Clean an Oil Spill
    Using household objects, Design and construct floating boom that will prevent an oil spill from reaching the beach and absorb as much oil as possible from a spill.
  • The World in a Bottle

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    The Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) is the world’s largest laboratory experiment in the earth sciences.
  • Engineer Infrastructure & Reshape a City

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    Large infrastructure projects can dramatically alter a cityscape and have profound influence on city life.
  • Engineering, Infrastructure, & Floods

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    Engineers play a very important role in helping communities prevent and recover from devastating floods.
  • Wild Engineering: Creating Habitats

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    Engineers often team up with other professionals to create habitats for wildlife.
  • Wild Engineering: Great Migrations

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    Engineers not only help scientists understand migratory patterns, they help animals around obstacles.
  • Wild Engineering: A Beautiful Beak

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    In 2008, Beauty became the first bald eagle recipient of a 3D-printed prosthetic beak.
  • Building Glaciers on top of the World

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    Their freshman conference paper turned into a high altitude, earth-changing project.
  • Engineers Without Borders

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    With Engineers Without Borders (EWB), you can travel and impact people's lives around the world! This page describes and EWB project that was completed in 2007 in San Bernardino, Nicaragua with professional engineers from New Orleans along with students from Rice University in Houston.
  • Chocolate

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    What does engineering have to do with chocolate? Creating your favorite candy bars is a complicated process during which thousands of pounds of chocolate, sugar, milk, and other raw ingredients are pumped, blended, mixed, cooked and formed into those familiar treats.