Ruthie Lyle-Cannon
Dr Ruthie Lyle-Cannon
Patent Engineer - Asset Protection & Licensing, IBM
Durham, NC

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  • What I Do
    I currently work as an Patent Engineer in IBM's IP Software Asset Protection & Licensing Group. I am also a IBM Master Inventor.
  • Why Engineering?
    A engineering preparation program in high school sparked my interest in engineering. I thought it was interesting to be able to think about problems and found math and science rewarding subjects.
  • School Days
    Northeastern University, BS in Electrical Engineering Polytechnic University, MS in Electrophysics Polytechnic University, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
  • My Day At Work
    In my current role, I'm responsible for helping to leverage IBM's Patent Portfolio from a business perspective.
  • Best Part
    The best thing about being an engineer is thinking analytically. I also like being able to solve problems logically.
  • Proud Moments
    I am very proud to have achieved Master Inventor at IBM.
  • My Family
    My dad never had an opportunity to go to college, but he did join the AirForce and went to school while in service. My mom is an educator and has achieved several graduate degrees and currently is in seminary school. My parents believed in education. They sent their kids to private Christian schools, before it became the popular thing to do. I appreciate them for doing this because it meant working extra jobs and cutting out "extras". Both my sisters are also Educators, even though I'm the baby and got my Ph.D. first they are both completing their Ph.D.s in education.
  • Dreams and Goals
    Short Term Goal is to maintain a good "work life balance". My long term goal is to become a technical executive.
  • Inspiration
    I feel that my relationship with Jesus Christ has had the largest influence on my choices. At a time when friends did not chose "stretch" or meaningful endeavors, I always found myself wanting to "be somebody"... despite peer pressure.
  • Want to be an Engineer?
    Any young woman considering a career in engineering is on the right track. I'd want her to know that if she decides to pursue law, medicine or some other career that having an engineering background is the best preparation that she can get.  The final comments I would share is that we live in changing times, be flexible in your careers, and work hard to develop and maintain a balance between work and life. If you start out early achieving, it makes everything easy down the road.
  • Additional Thoughts
    Ruthie was the first African American woman to earn an electrical engineering doctoral degree in the 145-year history of Polytechnic University.
  • Hobbies
    Outside of work, I've taken up long distance running. I've run two marathons (26.2 miles races) and several half marathons. I'm very active in the NC Godiva Track and Field Club, serving as the co-director of their "Running Start Program". Godiva has 400 + members in the RTP area.
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