Swagata Sharma
Swagata Sharma
Graduate Research Assistant, Colorado State University
Guwahati, India

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I am pursuing my PhD in Electrical Engineering as a graduate research assistant (GRA) at Colorado State University (CSU). My research is focused on developing sophisticated power system load models for aggregator-based residential demand response applications in the emerging smart grid. My research will help customers to reduce the electricity bills and encourage utilization of clean energy resources like wind and solar energy to generate electricity. I completed my Master of Science (MSc.) with a focus on Electrical Engineering in Sustainable and Renewable Energy, from the University of Nottingham in United Kingdom. My undergraduate studies (Bachelor of Technology) was from Tezpur University, India. Besides academics, I have also actively involved myself in extra-curricular activities that I feel helped me in total personality development. Responsibilities like being the Student Cultural Coordinator of Tezpur University and the student representative of the department taught me strong organizational and leadership skills and the ability to efficiently carry out task in challenging situation while efficiently managing time. Prior to joining CSU as GRA, I worked as an Assistant Professor in the North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, India. I was elected the student ambassador of The University of Nottingham which gave me the opportunity to interact with the new students and organize several events. These were some of the most intense experiences of my life helping me take my organizational, inter-personal and leadership skills to another level and inspiring me to be a better and more dynamic person. I was invited to the Commonwealth Study Conference in 2013 which was sponsored by British Petroleum in London. It was a privilege for me to represent India in the conference. It gave me a perfect platform to exchange ideas and meet reputed entrepreneurs and government employers in London whose work was devoted in economically and socially fit sustainable environment. I am a fun-loving person and like hiking and swimming in my leisure time.
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    Swagata Sharma, Colorado State University
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    My decision to pursue a career in power systems was a continuous process. I hail from a city situated on the banks of Brahmaputra, one of the major river systems of India. Its large untapped hydropower potential (41.55 percent of the total ...
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