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Help! I'm in grade 12 and need to apply for universities. I was considering engineering in the past but I'm doing so poorly in physics! Should I even consider applying?

I'm in the high 70s/low 80s right now and it's not like I don't understand the content, it's just that my teacher's tests are very different from what we do in class. Should I still consider applying to any engineering programs if I am not strong in physics? I don't want to go into a program where I'll struggle and be in the bottom of my class for four years. Thanks!
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  • Charlotte Champigny , Nevatronix, LLC
    Answered Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 12:20 AM
    Hi Jessica!
    I consider myself an average student and definitely not great in physics but I have a strong interest in problem-solving, hands-on mechanical projects, and math in general. These qualities make a good engineer. So in my opinion, you should go for it! The first two years of college mostly consist of general studies. But you should be able to determine if that is the path you want to take within the first year. Not that I recommend changing majors but the point is you will not be stuck. Also, you might consider less technical majors such as Industrial Engineering or like mine - Manufacturing Engineering. I have gained a lot of technical skills over the years, most of which I learned on the job, not in school. Hope this helps.