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  • Holiday Travel

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    Engineering creates public infrastructure to make travel faster, safer, and easier.
  • Take the challenge with DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL

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    DESIGN SQUAD, the Emmy Award-winning PBS KIDS website, is going GLOBAL! It’s launching during National Engineers Week, February 24th, on Global Day, when thousands of engineers and educators are pledging their time to lead kids in hands-on engineering activities. On Global Day, take the challenge and try a DESIGN SQUAD GLOBAL hands-on activity! Try these with friends or invent your own design.
  • Iceberg Below the Water: The Ice-Cream Process

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    It is 10 pm at night, perfect time for a sweet snack to end the day on a sweet note. You put your sweatshirt on and head to the deli around the corner. You open the fridge right behind the entrance and grab a pint of vanilla ice-cream with chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips. All you want to do is rush home, take a spoon and start devouring the pint until it all melts in your mouth and brings a huge smile to your face. This story only reveals the tip of the iceberg but there is a very long and tedious process put into making ice cream and delivering to your door. For the last 2 years, I have been working as a Supply Manager in one of the biggest global organizations that produce Ice-Cream. I want to explain to you the process of making ice cream from beginning to end and what type of engineers are involved with the process.
  • Chocolate

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    What does engineering have to do with chocolate? Creating your favorite candy bars is a complicated process during which thousands of pounds of chocolate, sugar, milk, and other raw ingredients are pumped, blended, mixed, cooked and formed into those familiar treats.