Earth Resources Engineer

  • Try This: Clean an Oil Spill
    Using household objects, Design and construct floating boom that will prevent an oil spill from reaching the beach and absorb as much oil as possible from a spill.
  • The World in a Bottle

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    The Landscape Evolution Observatory (LEO) is the world’s largest laboratory experiment in the earth sciences.
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    Day in the Life
    I wake up with second-day hair, sleep-reading my emails and the Google news bulletin. My home-at-home is a 700 square-foot box suspended above 6th Street in Austin. I'm occasionally traveling, but today, I lay in bed, holding my popsocket trying not to drop my phone on my face. It's raining outside which is a perfectly ironic setting for my presentation on drought resiliency.
  • Building Glaciers on top of the World

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    Their freshman conference paper turned into a high altitude, earth-changing project.
  • Engineers Without Borders

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    With Engineers Without Borders (EWB), you can travel and impact people's lives around the world! This page describes and EWB project that was completed in 2007 in San Bernardino, Nicaragua with professional engineers from New Orleans along with students from Rice University in Houston.
  • Alaskan Pipeline

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    The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System is 800 miles long and has a diameter of four feet.
  • Big Brutus

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    Big Brutus is the second largest electric shovel in the world.
  • Presidential Engineers

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    Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter, both U.S. Presidents, had engineering backgrounds.