Michi Whittall

Ms. Michi Whittall

Medium Term Planning Engineer, Newmont Tanami Operations


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Hi there, I'm Michi and I am a Mining Engineer. It's been a pretty wild ride and it's definitely not what I thought I wanted to do when I was younger but maybe that's just because I didn't know about it. Mining is amazing, it's global and dynamic. The best part of my job is that since I graduated in 2006 I have worked in lots of places all over the world...Nevada & Zacatecas, Mexico & Guatemala & Northern Territory, Australia. I've worked in open pit surface mines and underground. It's exciting to work with the big machinery on the surface (300 tonne trucks) and a really cool challenge to work underground. I went to the Colorado School of Mines knowing that engineering was my path. I loved science and math and the analytical and problem solving aspects of engineering drew me in right away. Once I took an intro to mining course I was hooked. All the theory I was learning had such real applications once I learned about mining. I loved the hands on aspect of working at site from the beginning. I even studied in Sweden for 6 months my Junior year and got to visit the very technologically advanced LKAB underground Iron mine in Kiruna. Mining is global and ever changing. My job as a medium term planner is dynamic and no week is exactly like another. I've worked at remote mines where you work a schedule (currently 8 days on and 6 days off) and I've worked at a residential mine where I was home every night and had long weekends once a month. Lots of flexibility and lots of opportunity in mining. I love science so much I usually spend 2 of my 6 days off volunteering at the local science museum in Perth, Scitech. I visited CERN when I was in Switzerland in October. Science and Math are all around us and there are so many opportunities to explore it through engineering. I love mining, but all engineering is full of possibilities and needs more women!

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