Jenny Boothby
Jenny Boothby
PhD student at UT Dallas
Plano, TX

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  • What I Do

    I am a PhD student at the University of Texas at Dallas in the lab of Dr. Taylor Ware. For my research, I am making responsive materials for biomedical applications. On a typical day, you can find me in the lab whipping up new formulations, testing mechanical properties, or trying to make my materials change shape.

  • Why Engineering?

    I chose engineering because I love solving problems! I used to love reading Whodunit books and doing puzzles, and engineering is very similar for me. You have to pay attention to all the details, then come up with a logical solution that fits all the variables. It can be very difficult sometimes, but figuring out the solution is incredibly rewarding for me.

  • School Days

    High school diploma '10 from Saint Stephen's Episcopal School in Bradenton, FL

    BS '14 in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA

    MS/PhD (expected '19) in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas in Dallas, TX

I started in the PhD Program in Biomedical Engineering at University of Texas at Dallas in August 2015, where I am a Research Assistant in the Ware Lab. I am currently working with modifying liquid crystals for biomedical applications. I graduated from Georgia Tech in December 2014 with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Biology. While I was at Georgia Tech and following my graduation, I worked at Medshape, a medical device company that specializes in shape-memory soft tissue fixation devices. I worked extensively in Research & Development and worked in Operations as well.
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B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology December 2014 In pursuit of a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas, starting Fall 2015
Volunteer Opportunities
  • I am willing to serve as a sponsor or coach for an engineering club or team.
  • I am willing to serve as science fair judge or other temporary volunteer at a local school.
  • I am willing to be contacted about potential job shadowing by interested students.
  • I am willing to be interviewed by interested students via email.
  • I am willing to answer written interview questions to be posted on the EngineerGirl website.
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