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Sydney, Freeport, Florida

AddedWednesday, July 29, 2015 at 1:52 PM

do you think me striving for a mechanical engineering degree would help me in pursuing my career choice?
Hi, my name is Sydney Brown and I want to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. I am a senior in high school. I began working on cars when I was 11. Now I am currently a race car driver. I am 17 and the youngest and only female race car driver at my local tracks. I drive a Dirt Crate Late Model Race Car. I love racing with a burning passion and want to do it until it kills me. I build, repair, and do all maintenance on my race cars unlike most drivers. I am the only girl in the south that drives this type of race car. My question is do you think me striving for a mechanical engineering degree would help me in pursuing my career choice? If so do you have any college suggestions or scholarships that could help me afford college so I can achieve my goals?
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  • Kelly Knight , Bechtel National, Inc.
    Answered Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    Sydney, it is great that you have achieved much as a young age. This experience will serve you well in your career choice and anything else in life. Keep going for what you want.

    Regarding being the best race car driver: a mechanical engineering degree will not help you in a racing career. From what I have learned about the sport, you have to compete often, probably take a racing course class from Bondurant or other organization and then find a team or sponsor. Mechanical engineering is theoretical and focuses on engineering design. Once you are on a team, you will have others do that for you. You need to focus on being the best driver not the best or most knowledgeable mechanic.

    I do not know much more about the racing car world but I do know that you need to race, race and race some more to get the attention of a team or sponsor. You will also have to start selling yourself by making phone calls to and going to other events where the team leaders are. Start by finding a mentor – a retired or current race car driver who sees your potential. They can help you best to chart your course.

    I wish you the best and can see that you will go far with your determination.

    Sincere wishes,