Heba, Iowa city

AddedTuesday, April 7, 2015 at 7:29 PM

How would you know if you're good and creative in your job?

I'm a sophomore and i've been taking straight As in my classes so far. I enjoy solving problems and studying the engineering courses. But I don't think that getting A's means that you're smart or very good at problem solving since they tend to give you easy questions on tests that you practiced over and over. How do you know If you're gonna be good and creative at your job as an engineer or whether you're only good when you study the course and take exams. Do you need to be extremely smart to be a good engineer. I don't see myself as a critical thinker or a creative person but I'm good at school. What do you think is the right thing for me? shall I continue in engineering or do I need to stop and do something. Although I'm really enjoying my courses now.. I'm afraid I won't be good at the job
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  • Sana Rasool , Hagler Bailly Pakistan
    Answered Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 7:29 PM
    Dear Heba, 
    If you are enjoying your courses and doing good at them, then engineering is for you. Do not fear the job. Only aptitude matters. And from what you are telling us about your performance in college, I am positive you have all the capabilities of being a great engineer one day. 
    Every engineering job is different. The nature of job depends on the company you are applying for, the engineering field you have chosen and the place where you will be employed. For instance, a field job in petroleum engineering may be challenging for somebody who doesn’t like to be socially cut-off for longer periods of time. Yes, technical problems can be challenging at times but at the job you usually work with a team of other engineers plus you have strong guidance from above, so it all works out fine at the end. Trust me, you will enjoy taking challenges and solving them when you start your practical career. 
    In the meanwhile, I’d suggest you keep up that great performance and get into extra-curricular activities you are interested in. They help employers evaluate your personality and aptitude in life. I’m sure you will become a great engineer in near future. Best of luck!