Yamile Jackson

Yamile Jackson

CEO and Founder, Nurtured by Design
Sugar Land, TX


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My story: http://alturl.com/wc394 (video made by Oprah Winfrey) PhD in ergonomics/human factors engineering, licensed Professional Engineer (TX), Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Kangaroo Care Professional. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, emigrated to USA at 21 years old. Founder of the first engineering company (that we know) that apples ergonomics, human factors & safety engineering to providing nurturing developmental care to premature and full term babies from birth = Survival is no longer enough. We also help older children that are hospitalized or that experience separation anxiety when parents need to attend other obligations. I founded Nurtured by Design to improve the quality of life of mother/child during a stressful time (when child is born, sick or in distress) and help prevent some deficiencies that are commonly attributed to prematurity, detachment, and hospitalizations (like I did with my own child). Our products complements medical care by providing tools that support the physical, psychological, neurological, and physiological development of the newborn, especially those born prematurely. Only when children sleep is when they develop the brain, grow and heal, and with our products we provide the environment, positioning, comfort, and soothing conditions that are needed to fall asleep. My inspiration: her now healthy son, Zachary, born in 2001 weighing less than 2 lbs. Promised that his pain and struggle to survive were not in vain.

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