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Advice for an Engineering Major Change

Hello, I am a sophomore college student in need of advice. I originally decided to be a civil engineering major in my first year of school because I thought the jobs were interesting. However, my professor recommended that I look into industrial engineering because it suits my personality and my skill set better. I have been comparing civil jobs vs. industrial jobs. What I have gathered is that there is (currently) a better job outlook and slightly higher pay for civil engineers. In addition, it seems that industrial engineers are much more diverse (in terms of job companies) and can move on to more managerial positions sooner than most engineers. Should I play it safe with civil engineering, or take a risk with industrial engineering (that I personally prefer)?

(P.S. If there is a discrepancy in my claims regarding the comparison between the two engineering majors, please let me know!)

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  • Jessye Talley , Morgan State University
    Answered Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 10:35 AM
    Hello Alyssa,
    I am an Industrial Engineering professor. Industrial Engineering is a very diverse field and I believe the job outlook is great. We do everything from cost estimation, human factors, operations research, manufacturing, process improvement  to managing. You can literally work in any field and apply your skills to make places better. I would say do a pros and cons list for each major and follow your gut. If you want to take the risk do it. Sometimes we keep ourselves in what's comfortable because it's safe when we need to take the leap and push ourselves. I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out if you have anymore questions.