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I want to be a mechanical engineer in the medical field and was wondering what are my career options. Is anyone a mechanical engineer working in the medical field?
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  • Marnie Smith , LivaNova
    Answered Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 1:02 PM
    HI Debbie!
    I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and work in the Medical Device industry. I'm currently a Director of Quality Engineering which means I'm ultimately responsible that the products we are designing and manufacturing for use with patients are being done following the appropriate procedures and processes that are compliant with different countries' regulatory requirements. The medical device industry is a regulated industry which means it's critical to develop consistent processes, that meet regulatory requirements while also consistently producing safe and effective devices.
    This is not the only way to use a Mechanical Engineering degree within this industry! I started in a product support role. I was responsible for investigating customer complaints (kind like CSI but on product) and designing and implementing minor design changes on the product that would improve the product quality and/or cost less to manufacture. I went down a Project Management path and then stepped in Quality. But there are other areas Mechanical Engineers are used. I have had fellow Mechanical Engineers that have gone down the Sales and Marketing path, responsible for global services needs, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers, Supplier/Vendor Management....the options are limitless! 
    A degree in Mechanical Engineering allows you to choose which way you want to go!