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AddedFriday, August 3, 2018 at 12:48 PM

I decided on a Biomed Engineering degree (3 yr course) instead of a medical career. Am I being a fool and not thinking this pragmatically? Is it hard to find a decent salary job as a Biomed Engineer?

Hi. My story is a bit unusual and may raise a few eyebrows. I was in my final year of my Medical degree (MD) and tbh, I failed (for certain reasons) my final exam. Worst phase of my life. I searched hard to find another uni to complete my MD but it was painfully difficult. I swallowed my pride and looked into some common alternatives like Biomed Sciences, Optom, Pharm etc. But I just couldn't see myself doing any of these as a career. One day I stumbled upon Biomedical Engineering. It intrigued me so much! I have always enjoyed reading about technology, and I remember enjoying physics & maths in my school days. The more I looked into BME, the more I got excited about it. I applied for it and I got in! Shortly after, I also found a med school to complete my MD, but it would push me back 2.5 years. The idea of going back to med school seemed daunting, and also working as a future doctor. I felt more excited about BME and medical tech/devices so I chose this. Is this a crazy decision?
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    Answered Sunday, December 23, 2018 at 4:33 PM
    I don't think it's a crazy decision. Congratulations on making the change. You definitely have to enjoy (85%) of your career -- all jobs have some amount of work that just isn't fun but overall, you need to enjoy it. If you are excited about BME, you are likely to enjoy it more. I know that an engineering degree gives you critical analytical and problem solving skills needed in all sorts of environments. As a result, even if you want to pursue different industries or other roles (such as management), the engineering degree will serve you well. Best of luck with the new endeavor and journey!