2017 Engineering and Animals

Other Finalists
  • A Balaji
    Reducing Bald Eagle Collisions with Wind Turbines
    Grade 3-5 - Elementary School (Ames, IA, United States)
  • Curtis Childress
    Saving the Western Lowland Gorilla
    Grade 5 - Shafer Elementary (Katy, TX, United States)
  • K Wynter
    The Pygmy Sloth (scientific name: Bradypus pygmaeus)
    Grade 3-5 - Brush Creek Elementary School (Eagle, CO, United States)
  • Stella Kotter
    Saving the Puerto Rican Parrot Through Engineering
    Grade 5 - Kingsley Montessori School (Boston, MA)
  • Hannah Lieb
    The Beira Antelope!
    Grade 5 - Endeavor Elementary (West Chester, OH, United States)
  • Kelsee Merritt
    How Engineering Can Save Elephants
    Grade 3-5 - Southwest R-V Elementary School (Missouri, United States)
  • Asmithaa Vinukonda
    Saving Sun Bears using Nanoparticle Tracker Technology
    Grade 5 - Brunson Elementary School (Winston Salem, NC, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Bailey Cooper
    Pangolin Preservation: So Ugly, I’m Cute
    Grade 8 - Marco Forster Middle School (San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States)
  • Miranda Delgado
    The Sea Turtle Light Pollution Solution
    Grade 6 - Metropolitan School of Panama (Punta Pacifica, Panama, Rep. of Panama)
  • Riya Dutta
    Prey to rescue the Predator
    Grade 6 - Smith Middle School (Troy, MI, United States)
  • Cora Oldfield
    Adenophron: Saving Vultures to Help Humans
    Grade 8 - Homeschooled (Amherst, NY, United States)
  • Anisha Parsan
    Project GRACE - Giraffe Recovery And Conservation Effort
    Grade 6 - Fort Settlement Middle School (Sugar Land, TX, United States)
  • Carter Smith
    Hope Emerges for Whale Sharks
    Grade 7 - Harpeth Hall School (TN, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Hye Ri Chang
    eDNA: Decoding the Key to Protecting Biodiversity
    Grade 11 - Choate Rosemary Hall (New Haven, CT, United States)
  • Madison Cicchitto
    GPS - Global Positioning System or Greedy Poacher Solution?
    Grade 10 - California High School (San Ramon, CA, United States)
  • Claire Wayner
    The BioConsumer: Saving Newell's Shearwater by Cleaning the Ocean of Microplastics
    Grade 11 - Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Baltimore, MD, United States)
  • Amina Youssef
    Save The Elephant Foundation Proposal
    Grade 11 - Durango High School (Durango, CO, United States)