Rimsha, Karachi asked Rumaisah Munir, University of Surrey

AddedSaturday, February 13, 2016 at 12:17 PM

how can I develop my interest in electrical engineering?

Dear Rumaisa, My name is Ramsha. Currently I am doing electrical engineering. I am in second year of my engineering. I wanted to discuss my problem with you that I had not any interest in electrical engineering or engineering. Though having a background surrounded by engineers my family exhorted me to be an engineer. I am very good at learning new things. I did my level best and Got 90 marks in entrance test being among the entry test toppers. I was preferred to select electrical engineering which is one of the major Engineering field..My problem is that I don't have any sort of passion for this field this doesn't mean I am poor scorer.. I score even more than any average student do.. I just want to know how can I develop my interest in this field..??
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  • Rumaisah Munir , University of Surrey
    Answered Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 12:17 PM
    Hi Rimsha,
    Thank you for writing to me. 
    When I started my undergraduate degree, I wasn't fully into it. I didn't find some of the courses interesting. However, now I look back at my own journey in the field! The courses that didn't fascinate me much, gave me the skills that were necessary to advance in many other areas of interest. I also tried to experiment with what I thought I was interested in. I really did think I would like 'Network Security' as a career choice but I didn't feel quite passionate about it after working in it for a year. Therefore, I have always tried to find things that will retain my interest and then tried to work my way in them. When you talk of developing your interest in EE, I'll say, you identify what you really like. My advice will be to begin a research process. EE is a very vast field with a wide number of sub-disciplines. I am quite sure, you'll like a particular area of EE. Once you find that out, study the current courses (as you're still in year 2) by linking them to your area of interest. I hope this approach will help you as it did help me very much in choosing my postgraduate degree. 
    All the best!