EngineerGirl @ Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

#EngineerGirlShow highlights amazing women in engineering to inspire the next generation. This series was produced by George Retelas with his digital art students at SAE Institute

Watch an interview with Ana Uribe Ruiz from Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (iWOAW) in San Carlos, California.

Interview Transcript

So do you have any advice for girls who want to pursue flying?

Flying and engineering, okay and I think it's very important to find your passion and what you like to do. Open your eyes to the surroundings. Be ready to, it is okay to change. So if you start, who knows, mechanical engineering tomorrow and you decided that what you really want to do is be a scientist, it's okay to change. So be open for those changes because the more knowledge you get the more you want to fill in what exactly are you looking for. And flying is something that allows you to put the physics, the law of physics in there, so this is really nice.

So, who’s inspired you? When you were younger and just going through this process?

Reading about people that flew before me is really, you know, it's inspiring, especially the women. So we are very few of us. And then people think that because you are a pilot you don't belong, and it’s the other way around. You belong in any place or any career we want to. So it's okay to open the doors.

For the last question that I have, is there any way we could take a hop in your plane?

Absolutely, let’s go flying!