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To Become a Biomedical Engineer or a Doctor?
Recently there was a career day at my school, i went into the function with 1 thing on my mind "i'm going to become a doctor" and left there with "what do i really want to become?''. I'm in the 9th grade, so this year i will pick my subjects to do for cxc. I researched and found that i could become biomedical engineer and later become a doctor, as a love science and math but i also love history and literature. I'm still not sure which branch of engineering i want to do or if i even want to do it all.

1) I would like to known how having a degree in biomedical engineering effects or betters an career as a doctor, as in will i have to start from scratch to become a doctor and some if the benefits of having a a degree in biomedical engineering, will i have to acqire additional cxc subjects as well as other information?

2) If i do become a biomedical engineer and then later decide to become a doctor which is the best field to go in that involves some aspects of biomedical engineering?

3) what is the difference between an electronic engineer and a electric engineer?

4) I love learning and discovering new things, as well as acquiring knowledge about stuff i did not know about before. I love to watch the history channel, discovery channel and AND national geographic channel. I like to draw but i can not draw very well.I love trying new things and what i'm asking is based on this information is engineering a good career for me to go into? If so suggest a field. If not what other careers might I be interested in?

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  • Corinna Lathan , AnthroTronix, Inc.
    Answered Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:00 AM
    1) Most programs in biomedical engineering have a pre-med track. Students from biomedical engineering have a very good chance of getting into Medical School because the schools appreciate students who also can understand the technology. Medicine involves a lot of technology these days! 2) Almost all areas of engineering involve some aspect of biomedical engineering. I believe that anytime you are working with technology that will directly be used by or on a human being, you are doing biomedical engineering. If you are interested in designing medical devices like heart monitors, that would be biomedical or electrical engineering as well as give you experience with the medical field. If you'd like to develop a prosthetic arm for a person with a disability, that could be biomedical or mechanical engineering. Robotics is a very big application of engineering that incorporates aspects of biomedical, electrical, and mechanical, and robotics can be used in medical as well as other disciplines. 3) Many schools call the degrees difference things. Electrical engineering is the most common term. If there is another term, you would need to talk to the school directly to find out what the difference is. 4) The great thing about engineering is that you would be welcome in any field once you have that degree. And you will be a better engineer because of your other interests. You may want to go to a college that encourages you to continue your interest in history, art, and other things.
  • Jennifer Elisseeff , Johns Hopkins University
    Answered Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:00 AM
    1) BME is a great preparation for going to medical school. You will get some background in biology and chemistry and even some physiology in BME, all important for medicine. In addition you will learn critical thinking and problem solving skills that engineers use, which will make you a better doctor. You also have many other good options when you are finished with your degree so if you end up choosing something else that is OK too. 2) Most areas of BME have a pretty strong connection to medicine so you should take a number of classes in different areas of BME and see what you like best. 4) A love of learning will help you in anything/any field that you decide to choose!