Cathia, Mesquite, Texas asked Chi-An Emhoff, Saint Mary's College of California

AddedFriday, July 4, 2014 at 6:31 PM

Transfer student problems
I thinking about switching from chemical engineering to mechanical engineering. I am about to start my junior year at a university (I am a transfer student). At first, I thought chemical engineering will help me to be more successful in biomedical engineering even though I am not passionate about it, I chose the chemical engineering path. But now, I am not sure if it is what I want. Lately, I have been thinking that mechanical engineering will be a better match for biomedical engineering than chemical engineering. I just would like to know your thoughts and some advice about mechanical engineering and her relationship with biomedical engineering. What kind of jobs would I be able to get if a choose the mechanical-biomedical engineering path? I am interested in working in medicine as I want to help others. Would I be able to work in medical field if I follow the mechanical-bio-medical engineering path? I appreciate all the help you are able to provide. Cathia
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