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Thank you for your interest in joining the EngineerGirl  Where They Work Directory  where you can celebrate the good work that engineers do by sharing information about your organization and the type of work that engineers do there.

This directory is meant to serve as a resource for k-12 students and  illustrate all the different types of environments where engineers work and make a difference. While many older students – including university students – will see these profiles, it is very important that all information is appropriate for students ages 10-14. Please be sure that you fill in the profile form below completely.

As the designated representative for your organization, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining the profile and will be the primary point of content for the EngineerGirl staff. Your profile will only appear publicly in the Where They Work directory after it has been reviewed by an NAE staff member.

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  • Introduction:  Please provide a brief description of your organization.
  • Our Engineers:  What types of engineers work for your organization?  What do they do?  What programs do you have related to engineering? For academic institutions what engineering degree programs do you offer?
  • What Makes Us Awesome:  What are the best features of your organization?  Please be sure to  highlight any specific benefits that may appeal to young female and minority students.
  • Our Resources: What resources does your organization provide for girls interested in engineering (scholarships, internships, co-op programs, etc.)?
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