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How do you find an ethical use for engineering, when humans are mostly building unsustainable systems of oppression and resource extraction?

by Micah Scott

I’ve had a career in computer and electrical engineering, but it’s hard to see the upside in this stuff any more. Technologies can help people sure, but only within the massively inequitable system that powers our tech. How would an engineer use ...

Engineers help us get where we want to go. They design cars, trains, boats, planes, and the rockets that send people and goods into space. They develop transit and traffic control systems. Engineers even help build huge structures like airports, bridges, or canals with locks to help keep people and things moving.

Engineering achievements have not only made travel easier, they have made it safer as well. For example: seat belts, airbags, and collision warning systems are examples of features that engineers help to create that make our cars safer.

For those of you that like to travel: an engineering career could be a ticket to just about anywhere in the world. Engineers work in many different kinds of environments around the world and engineers may have many opportunities to travel to other countries or regions to work on projects.

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