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Would Walt Disney Imagineering hire someone with just a Mechanical Design Associates Degree?

by Haley Grubbs from Blue Ridge Community College, Weyers Cave, VA

I just turned 25 and I am currently at a community college. I've been in various occupations over the years: flight attendant, teacher assistant, behavior clinician, et cetera. My current degree track is setting me up to transfer to Virginia Tech ...

Engineers not only turn ideas into reality, they help turn reality into fantasy.

Engineering plays an important role in the creation of movies, televisions shows, video games, and amusement parks. Engineers from many different fields make their living in the entertainment industry doing a wide variety of things: computer programming for games or special effects, building sets for specials shot or stunts, developing toys, designing and constructing rides - list of possible jobs goes on and on.

Engineers are also helping athletes to play and compete with better equipment, cutting-edge training tools, and even clothing designed to help the body improve its performance.

When you hike, surf, play ball, go to the movies, play video games, watch TV - whatever you do for fun - chances are you’re using or watching something that an engineer helped to create.

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