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I'm 40 years of age and I'm not thinking about it,but I'm going to College and I would eventually like to become a Mechanical Engineer or another type of Engineering? Am I too old?LMK.Thanks.

by Charles from Boston,MA.

Thank you "Charles".

Engineers build the structures that are essential to our lives: from the buildings where we live, learn, and work to the roads that we travel to go between them.

Consider all the different kinds of structures you encounter or use in a day: buildings, roads, bridges, power lines, pipelines, sewer systems, and waterworks. Within each of those categories there could be hundreds of different kinds of construction projects. Engineers work them all with professionals from many different fields.

Engineers are often the ones called upon to solve the problems that surface when a bold, new design meets real world limitations. As our population grows and available raw materials change, engineers have to get creative to build structures that are functional, cost-effective, and look nice.

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