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How do you find an ethical use for engineering, when humans are mostly building unsustainable systems of oppression and resource extraction?

by Micah Scott

I’ve had a career in computer and electrical engineering, but it’s hard to see the upside in this stuff any more. Technologies can help people sure, but only within the massively inequitable system that powers our tech. How would an engineer use ...

Today in the US, the number of farmers who actually work the land is very small - only around 1% of the population. Yet a trip to the local supermarket shows no shortage of food. How is his possible?

In the past 60, huge advances have been made in the way our food is produced and delivered to your table. Machines that reduce the amount of manual labor required to plant and harvest crops, better methods to package and transport food products, and even new types of foods have all contributed to our society’s ability to feed itself.

Engineers help to develop all of those technologies used to plant, protect, harvest, prepare, and ship food. Engineers are developing technologies not only help feed us, but also protect the environment and make more efficient use of natural resources.

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