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Confused as to what to do after my bachelor's. I'm sure that I want to to study further, but not sure what specifically. I'm interested in power engineering(smart grids, renewables) but I'm scared.

by Shobhita

I'm wondering if it will be too tough to study because a most people I know say so. Also, I have an interest in aerospace, but it is hard for a an electrical engineering student to study in that field. Any suggestions? I'm in my third year. Also if ...

The first human being to walk on the moon was an engineer. The space program that made those steps possible employed thousands of engineers.

Engineering has always had a critical role in our efforts to explore universe. Great challenges like going to the moon, creating colonies in space, traveling to and developing settlements on other planets demand creative problem-solving. Engineers are uniquely trained to bring these skills to teams of people that may involve scientists, mathematicians, medical doctors, and other professionals.

Engineers help design and develop the satellites and large-scale telescope that collect information about deep space and help us better understand the universe in which we live.

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