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To what extent do you depend on the computer? Could you do the same work at home?

by Jorge

Hello girls! As engineers, how do you work? Do you design a product/develop a project/etc, by computer and then prove it physically when everything is correct? To what extent do you use a computer? Could you work the same way at home? Which computer ...

The first human being to walk on the moon was an engineer. The space program that made those steps possible employed thousands of engineers.

Engineering has always had a critical role in our efforts to explore universe. Great challenges like going to the moon, creating colonies in space, traveling to and developing settlements on other planets demand creative problem-solving. Engineers are uniquely trained to bring these skills to teams of people that may involve scientists, mathematicians, medical doctors, and other professionals.

Engineers help design and develop the satellites and large-scale telescope that collect information about deep space and help us better understand the universe in which we live.

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