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I decided on a Biomed Engineering degree (3 yr course) instead of a medical career. Am I being a fool and not thinking this pragmatically? Is it hard to find a decent salary job as a Biomed Engineer?

by Jay Tee

Hi. My story is a bit unusual and may raise a few eyebrows. I was in my final year of my Medical degree (MD) and tbh, I failed (for certain reasons) my final exam. Worst phase of my life. I searched v. hard to find another uni to complete my MD but ...

Medicine is always being transformed by technology: scanning devices, artificial joints, prosthetic limbs, electronic implants, designer drugs, computerized health records. And many of the medical advances that you hear about are, in fact, engineering achievements.

While a doctor can treat a few thousand people in a life’s time, the engineer who develops a better medical technology can improve the lives of millions.

In additional to working in traditional medical areas, engineers can also have a positive impact on people’s health by helping design new methods of processing food to make it easier to eat healthy; or designing parks and transportation systems to make it easier for incorporate exercise into our daily routines.

Engineering changes lives by making the things that keep us safe, make us healthy, and help us overcome illness or physical challenges.

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