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I am a US PR, coming to the US next month. I have MS in electrical engineering from one of Iran's top universities. Although I have work experience in my home country, can I get a job in the US? worried!

by Hassan Khalkhali

Masters degree in electrical power engineering.

Engineers will be pivotal to solving one of the biggest challenges our planet faces: developing sustainable energy sources for our ever-increasing power needs. They are also essential to developing structures and technologies that are more energy efficient.

When you think of energy, you are probably thinking about electricity. That’s the power that charges your phone, runs your television or computer, and keeps the refrigerator in your kitchen humming. But energy also comes in the form of gasoline or fuel to run our cars and natural gas to heat our homes and run our stoves.

Engineers in many different fields work on projects and problems related to energy. Right now they are designing new materials to capture energy, developing new batteries to store it, creating more energy-efficient appliances, and building machines that work on alternate energy sources.

Whatever our energy needs of the future may be, engineering will be essential to meeting them.

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