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I'm doing a project for school where we have to interview someone in a career, I chose computer engineering and I was wondering if I could get someone to have a short interview with.

by Ethan Sombke from Aberdeen Central High School

Questions I would like to ask: What is your current career title? Where are you currently employed? How long have you been an engineer? Why did you choose to become an engineer? What type of education did you need to have to become an engineer, and ...

Computers are transforming our world. Look around right now and you are sure to find at least one - but probably many - appliances that rely on computer hardware or software to function properly.

There are obvious computers: laptops, tablets, smart phones and gaming consoles; but there are also computers integrated into our cars, security systems, even the thermostats that control the heating and cooling in your home or school.

Today you may carry one in your backpack or pocket. In the not-too-distant future, you may be wearing them like sunglasses! No matter how the computers change in the future, you can be sure that engineers will help design, develop, and manufacture them.

Engineers even create the computer systems that other engineers use to design and improve machines, systems, and processes.

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