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Hi, my name is Alyssa (13 years old) and this job has been my dream for years now. What did you have to study in highschool and college? What do you do? How can I be successful like you? Thank You.

by Alyssa Will from Cape Fair, MO

I want to work for NASA and be an Aerospace Engineer/Scientist. Some more questions are: What school/college did you go to? Why? Do you have an alternative career? Are you happy with your work? Again, Thank You.

Engineering allows us to connect and communicate with our friends and family in ways that were just fantasy 20 years ago.

No so long ago, letters took several days to reach their destination and getting message to someone who lived a continent away could take a month or more – or cost a small fortune. Now, thanks to our smart phones, voice-over-internet, and social networks on our computers, communicating with people in Australia can be as easy as talking to your next-door neighbor.

All of the technologies that have connected us to people around the world where made possible by engineers. Engineering has even revolutionized the way packages are sent through computerized tracking systems and superior transportation methods.

The engineers of today and tomorrow shape the way we work, play, and conduct business by continuing to develop and refine the ways that we communicate.

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