Women Engineers Webquest

Women Engineers: Hall of History Webquest

Your Challenge
The Nation Museum of Science and Technology is planning a special exhibit to commemorate the historic achievements of women engineers. This exhibit will be displayed on the walls of the Hall of History in the Engineering Wing and will highlight the achievements of women who have made outstanding contributions to the engineering profession.

Displays for each engineer can be no larger than three feet high by four feet wide and must include some biographical information about the engineer along with a clear description of her accomplishments. Two displays will be featured prominently at the entrance to the Hall of History.

The museum director has challenged your team to do research and create a display for the exhibit. The director would like each team to make a presentation to the rest of the staff so that they will be familiar with each engineer. This is also an opportunity for the director to hear from each team on why their engineer should get a place of special prominence.

The following engineers have been nominated: Edith Clark, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Kate Gleason, Grace Hopper, Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards, Emily Warren Roebling, and Mary Walton. Other women engineers could be included in the exhibit with the approval of the museum director.

Project Planning
Your team will have to do some research about your engineer and put together an outline for the museum director of the content you plan to include in the display. This outline should include a sketch of your display and a list of materials you plan to use in creating it. (Some materials may not be available or do not comply with museum regulations.)

Your team will then create the display.

Once all of the displays are complete, each team will be asked to make a short (3-5 minute) presentation to all staff to familiarize them with the achievements of your engineer. You'll also need to summarize the reasons why you think your engineer should be featured at the front of the hall in a memo to the director of no more than 1 page.

Performance Review
The museum director may use the review sheets to gauge your performance on various parts of the project.