Honorable Mention: Leonardo da Vinci: A Great Engineer

I would nominate Leonardo da Vinci for an engineering Hall of Fame because he is celebrated as the inventor of extraordinary machines and mechanical devices that entered our culture several centuries after his death. He began progress on many of his inventions including the flying machine (he was the first person to study the flight of birds scientifically which helped him create the flying machine), the scythed chariot, and the armored car. He also made designs for weapons to increase the range of fire catapults and other artillery weapons; he designed machine guns and mechanical bows capable of hurling flaming missiles over a great distance. He thought of making military bridges, forts, and defensive works, and he also designed an assault craft, floating battering rams, diving suits, and a machine for destroying enemy ships by hitting them under the water line. He then produced plans for a canal to allow Florence access to the sea, but the canal was never built. His theories are contained in numerous notebooks, most of which were written backwards. In his time, he was an internationally renowned engineer, inventor, scientist, architect, painter, sculptor, musician, mathematician, anatomist, astronomer, geologist, biologist, and philosopher. Many people could not believe how talented he was and his works still fascinate people because they were thought of at a time when electricity hadn't even been discovered. In 1482 he moved to Milan, because he was needed by the Duke of Milan as an engineer, sculptor and architect. He became chief military engineer, a position he would hold for seventeen years. There are many great things that he accomplished and that is why I think he should be nominated for an engineering Hall of Fame for his great works.