The Future of Engineering: Nanotechnology by Matt Johnson

Nanotechnology, what is it? The prefix nano means small (about one millionth the size of a human hair) and nanotechnology is the technology that allows us to build machines atom by atom, on the molecular level. Using a scanning tunneling microscope, to place the atoms, they will be able to build nanoscopic machines. You may ask, "How will this change the world?" Well first of all, smaller is better especially when you are dealing with computers. The smaller the transistors, the more transistors you can fit, the more computing power there is. In 50 years we will be able to make computers trillions of times faster than today's on the head of a pin. Nanotechnology will aid every aspect of the world today. Some of these include: medicine, consumer goods, and space. In 50 years or less you will be able to take a pill containing thousands of nanobots that will be absorbed into your blood stream. Unwanted things in your body such as cholesterol will fuel them. They will travel about your blood stream, keeping you healthy and doing the job of white and red blood cells and more. This is just a glimpse of what nanotechnology will bring. As seen in many science fiction movies many goods will be able to appear in front of you. Television sets will no longer exist you will simply purchase a bucket and you will paint it's contents onto a wall which would then become your television. This is all possible by using nanotechnology to make billions of nanoscopic squares that can change color that would flow in the paint. We will be able to build things thought impossible today. Our space programs will also benefit greatly from nanotechnology. We will be able to build stronger materials and faster propellant fuels. Terraforming (Making Suitable For Human Life) will be possible with the help of millions of nanobots zipping here and there transforming it from a desolate wasteland to a beautiful countryside. Given only three hundred to four hundred words I cannot even begin to scratch the surface of this marvel. The government gives a billion dollars a year to nanotechnology research and can't even comprehend what it will return. I thank you for your time. References: