Brooklyn Denson
Brooklyn Denson
Elementary School Third Place Winner - 2012 Food Engineering Essay Contest
Valrico, Florida
Spaghetti Sauce That Tastes Good Because It Is Good

A good spaghetti sauce tastes like…. a warm, sunny day with no clouds.

To give the people good spaghetti sauce requires fresh ingredients, spices from around the world, and the sauce must be available online or at the grocery store.

Fresh tasting ingredients grow best in healthy soil. Good soil must have a good balance of crucial components such as a mixture of clay to retain water, sand to drain water, and organic material for nutrients. Each area must have a different kind of soil, which must be taken into account when creating good gardening soil. Different vegetables need different soil as well, which you must know before you plant the crops. Engineers help develop ways to keep the best soil healthy without the use of chemicals and make good growing conditions. Engineers also create quality standards.

Once the vegetables are planted, lots of water is required to keep the soil moist. Water will make the vegetables juicy and tasty.

Knowing when to harvest vegetables is as important as healthy soil and good water. Freezing temperatures for many vegetables is determined by the weather or the time of year. Some vegetables need to be harvested before it gets too cold, while others need freezing temperatures to complete their ripening. Some vegetables are handpicked, while others are picked with machines. Engineers design the best ways to harvest vegetables so that they are not destroyed.

A recipe is a set of instructions on how to prepare something. Good recipes and quality go hand in hand. Quality is the test of how well the sauce was prepared according to certain standards. A variety of sauces are then made to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Some people like their sauce thin, others like it thick. Some want sauce with pieces of vegetable in it, others don’t want vegetable pieces. Some want sauce with a mild temperature to it, some like it hot. Some like their sauces made with organic vegetables. Engineers design processes for sauce production so that it does not cost too much money to make the sauce.

The production of the sauces is set up so that small quantities of ingredients can be made at a time and at certain temperatures. The equipment used to make the sauce must be top quality just like on Food Network. Each variety of sauce will be made on its own line.

The sauces will be vacuum sealed to remove all air from the container so that the sauce can be as fresh as possible when it makes it to the dinner table. Engineers develop ways to protect the flavors of all varieties of sauces and then each jar is labeled with an expiration date.

Spaghetti Sauce That Tastes Good Because It Is Good