Anna Eichelberger
Anna Eichelberger
Elementary School Honorable Mention: 2011 Engineering & Human Service - Relief from a Disaster Essay Contest
Orono Intermediate School
Rescue Boats

There are a lot of things people use on rescue missions during a disaster. I want to bring your attention to the rescue boats. They may look like regular old fishing boats to us, but these boats are special because they have been changed to make the rescues faster, safer and easier.

A very important feature of a rescue boat would be portability. These boats have to be light enough to be carried by a few men.  Aluminum is a good metal that is light and strong.
A cool feature is the floating seats. They can be pulled out of the boat and thrown in the water  to make more room in the boat. Later, they can be retrieved or used on land for seating. Ladders have been added to some of these boats to aid people trying to get in the boats. This especially helps rescuers that have scuba gear on.
Engineers designed a QuickFIT railing system that latches boats together to make a floating bridge. This would be good to evacuate people quicker to safer ground with out getting wet.
The rescue boat has these designs so that they can help as many people as possible get to a safer place.
If  I could design a boat, I would add heated waterproof seats. This would allow people to get warm if needed. I would all so design seats that have cages so you can put your pets in them. Many people do not like leaving their pets and some times people will not leave without their animals.
The way the rescue boats work is the engine spins the propeller and that makes the boat move.
There are many uses for boats in our world but I think this is one of the most important functions we use them for; saving lives. Thank you for reading my report.