Lillith Bulawa
Lillith Bulawa
Honorable Mention, Elementary School - 2009 Imagine That! Engineering Innovation
New York
What is That?

description for What is ThatImage #3 is the inside of a generator. I think it looks like a generator in which there are two magnets spinning inside of a wire coil. A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When magnets are spun inside coils of wire electricity is produced. This was discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry. The spinning generator magnets push the electrons in the wire and cause the electrons to move and make electricity.

I think the picture shows a magnetic cylinder spinning inside a coil of wire. The magnetic cylinder would spin around like a top. The magnetic cylinder could spin by wind power. It looks like little fan blades are on the side of the magnetic cylinder. The outside shell of the magnetic cylinder could be covered by solar panels. I think it is solar panels that cover it because the outside is shiny. The solar panels could produce electricity on days when it is sunny. On windy days the generator could provide electricity too.

The engineer must make sure the magnetic top moves freely. It is very important that the magnet is easy to spin. There should be very little friction at the base of the magnetic top. The engineer should always make the generator safe. I think the picture shows a protective fence around the cylinder to keep people from falling in and getting hurt. It could also prevent storms and animals from damaging the generator. The protective fence must still let wind and sun come through.

In the future we want to get electricity without harming the environment. This could be done by using natural resources like sun and wind to make an amazing generator like the one shown in the picture.