Sarah Logan Campbell
Third Place Winner, Elementary School - 2009 Imagine That! Engineering Innovation
A New Form of Transportation

description for Artificial Ball and Socket JointI went on and looked at the three images. I decided I would do an essay on Image #2. I imagined Image #2 as a new form of transportation that could be used in the future. You could go to work, drop off your children at school or run some errands. It’s used just like a car or bus or taxi but it’s probably more fun for children to ride in. The best part is you do not have to pay gas prices because it does not run on gas and that is good for the environment. It is very enjoyable to own. TV’s can be placed inside the vehicle for your enjoyment but please do not watch TV while you are driving for if you crash it might be fatal although you are very safe when you use this vehicle you do not know what could happen. There are also cup holders for coffee, soda maybe a latte or just water. There is also a built in radio with a CD player and do not forget the GPS system. This is a very sophisticated vehicle but you will have a lot of entertainment built into it to keep you amused.

The most important features of this design, in my opinion, would be the round shape so it could roll and be able to move. Also, the ball inside the outer layer, so when you would roll or start moving you wouldn’t fall out. You would be able to ride around and travel anywhere you would like to go with out getting hurt.

The engineers role in making the object would probably be making sure you were safe when you used the object and you wouldn’t keep moving and you would be able to stop when you needed to. Another role would be that he or she would have to make sure that the object could work and wouldn’t fall apart while someone was using it.

One of the engineering principles would be the strength of the structure. The strength of the structure is very important. It is very important that you choose the right building materials for the structure you are creating. If you chose wood to build Image #2 it would probably break and crack and it would not be very comfortable to stand on nails or chips of wood. If you chose metal to build Image #2 it would not break or be uncomfortable to stand in. Another engineering principle for Image #2 is the safety of the vehicle. The seat belt is very important. If the material used to make it is not strong enough the person using the vehicle could get hurt. If there is no break then you would keep moving and moving until you stopped. It’s very important that all of these features come together.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts about Image #2. I worked very hard on my ideas.