2014 50 Years of Engineering in Society

Other Finalists
  • Daniel Fredericks
    Artificial Limbs
    Grade 4 - (Woodbine, GA, United States)
  • Hrilina Ramrakhiani
    From my Grandparents to my future Grandkids and the Changes Inbetween
    Grade 5 - (Gretna, LA, United States)
  • Kennedy Puryear
    Biomedical Engineering
    Grade 5 - (West Chester, OH, United States)
  • Scott Burk
    Robotic Engineering
    Grade 5 - (Loveland, OH, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Browning Clark
    The Computer of the Future
    Grade 7 - (Nashville, TN, United States)
  • Katie Stark
    How the Blind Have Seen the Past, Present, and Future
    Grade 7 - (Nashville, TN, United States)
  • Maggie Frederick
    Cameras in Healthcare
    Grade 7 - (Lutherville, MD, United States)
  • Michelle Yuan
    Machine Learning, Not Learning Machine
    Grade 7 - (Ridgewood, NJ, United States)
Other Finalists
  • Alexandra Bruno
    The Future of Technological Communication Advancements
    Grade 9 - (Rockville Centre, NY, United States)
  • Ashley Peters
    One Giant Leap for Mankind
    Grade 12 - (Ocala, FL, United States)
  • Hannah Vehige
    Engineering Communication: A Look Back and Ahead
    Grade 12 - (Colorado Springs, CO, United States)
  • Janani Rammohan
    From Implants to Robots: A Century of Health Technology
    Grade 11 - (Johns Creek, GA, United States)
  • Puja Deshpande
    Maybe One Day
    Grade 11 - (Livingston, NJ, United States)
  • Theresa Sievert
    Living in a Healthy World
    Grade 12 - (Mead, WA, United States)
  • Zeke Chan
    Transportation Developments through Time
    Grade 11 - (Houston, TX, United States)