Make Math Meaningful
Even if you aren't a math superstar, look for ways to make math, science, and technology relevant to your daughters' lives. Whenever possible, create opportunities that allow girls to explore of many aspects of a topic in these areas.


As parents, there are several things that you can do to help your children explore engineering:

  • Provide first-hand experiences of engineering. Encourage participation in afterschool or summer programs. Work with local engineering organizations through career exploration or mentoring programs. You can find many links to programs in our section of Clubs and Programs. You may also find that Competitions and Contests are a great way to get girls involved. The Girl Scouts website also has many activities and helpful tips on how to encourage your daughter to try out engineering.
  • Challenge stereotypes. Engineers are a diverse group of professionals working in all areas of society. Present students with diverse engineering role models. The EngineerGirl Directory of Women Engineers profiles several engineers and links to Interviews and other resources that can help challenge conventional ideas about engineering.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration. Team projects provide students the opportunity to interact and learn from each other in ways similar to real-world engineering teams. Make sure that girls take on meaningful roles in team projects and are not just taking notes.

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