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Additive Manufacturing Product Manager, Caterpillar Inc
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"As SWE President, it’s probably easy to figure out what I do when I’m on the road. But what do I really do when I’m at home? Keep reading to see "A Day In The Life of the SWE President""

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Stacey DelVecchio

PostedFriday, May 29, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Denisa Urluescu
Denisa Urluescu

As SWE President, it’s probably easy to figure out what I do when I’m on the road. But what do I really do when I’m at home? Keep reading to see "A Day In The Life of the SWE President".   (Created in May 2014)


5:45am – Rise & shine. Time to pack lunches. This seems like the only nice thing that I do for my hubby every day.

6:30am – Workout time at Power Zone with my fabulous personal trainer, Yvonne. If it looks like I’m not awake, it’s probably because I’m not :). And oh those straps are torture.

8:45am – Coffee time to start my work day. My boss let’s me flex my hours a little so that I can work out in the morning. Gotta love that.

9:30am – As a SWE board member, I get multiple copies of the SWE Magazine. I dropped off three copies at our Technical Information Center (aka..library) so that other people would have access to the magazine in the US, China, and India. A great idea if I do say so myself.

10:30am – Seriously? My co-workers forget to come and get me when they left to go to a meeting in East Peoria. Of course I didn’t realize it was in East Peoria. I thought it was in my building in Mossville. Guess I have to call in. Not sure if you can tell, but the phone says "DelVecchio". Thanks to my co-worker Jeff and the great selfie from East Peoria.

11:30am – Working on the agenda for our next SWE board of directors teleconference with our SWE secretary, Wendy.

12:30pm – Trying to find a time to have a meeting with our leaders in the US and India. Calendars are not cooperating but Leslie is all over it.

1:30pm – Taking a quick minute to catch up with my boss, Suzanne. With my travel schedule, I don’t get to see her very much.

2:00pm – Spending an hour on the ball, trying to do some core work while doing emails. Not sure it helps.

3:00pm – Trying to figure out the best way to use our new #CaterpillarSTEM hashtag with my co-worker Michelle.

3:30pm – My co-worker Heidi and are working putting together some additional STEM talking points for our CTO.

4:30pm – Time to talk to my #2, the SWE president-elect, Elizabeth. While we don’t talk every day, we do touch base with each other a lot!!

5:00pm – Trying to resist the urge to go for those chocolate donuts. Unfortunately, I lost the battle :(. That darn #64.

6:00pm – Badging out after another productive day. I intentionally park far away so that can get just a little bit more walking in. I sit a lot during the day, so any little bit helps.

6:30pm – The problem with really short hair is that you have to get it cut every month. So lucky to have Amy as my fabulous stylist.

7:30pm – Love love love that my hubby Kerry makes dinner for me every night. And it’s so cute that Georgie is always close by to help him out.

8:00pm – I should be opening up the mail and staying on top of things while Kerry is cooking, but nah….I just don’t feel like it tonight. The mail can wait.

8:30pm – Nothing is better than unwinding after dinner with a little gray kitty on your lap.

9:30pm – Quick on-line chat with my dear friend April. Of course we have to talk about SWE related stuff.

10:30pm – I need to pack for one of those multi-city trips again. You’d think this would be easy since I’m on the road so much, but I always struggle with what to pack. Maybe I have too many clothes.

11:30pm – Ugh…going to bed to late yet again.

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