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Self doubt pursuing a career in engineering (career change)
Hello! I am 25 years old and currently hold a BFA in Studio Art and am looking for a career change. I wish I had been more exposed to environmental engineering during my undergraduate studies as I believe this is exactly what I'd like to do for the rest of my life. I'm particularly interested in hydrology and will soon be pursuing a second bachelor's degree in the geosciences and hope to continue on with my master's in hydrology or water resources management. All that being said, I am a very unconventional engineering student. I haven't taken math or science courses in years and am intimidated by that first Calculus I class, let alone Linear Algebra or Fluid Mechanics. I did well in my math and science classes in high school, but whew, the concepts are certainly not skills that you keep over the years without due diligence. In the little moments of spare time I have from my full-time job, I have been reviewing basic algebra and chemistry but I hope it's enough to keep me afloat when I dive into my second degree head first in a few months. I sincerely hope I can keep up. What would be your recommendations for older, non-traditional students who feel ill prepared and rusty but have a lot of heart and drive? Coming to this website burgeons my motivation and passion for this field every single time I'm riddled with doubt. Thank you for being an inspiration to this artist/aspiring engineer!
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