Yarra, Batam asked Nicolette Yovanof, The Boeing Company

AddedMonday, February 25, 2013 at 12:26 AM

Can I be an aerospace engineer if I'm not good at math and physics?
Hey Nicolette, I am currently an 11th grader wanting to major in Aeronautical Engineering later on in my masters, with a Mechanical Engineering degree for the Bachelors. But apparently, I don't excel in my math and physics classes, but I've always had a tremendous interest in how planes work, etc. I like to figure out ways to solve a problem practically, but maths and physics have never been my forte. Do you think I should give up on my engineering dream? Best regards, Yarra
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  • Nicolette Yovanof , The Boeing Company
    Answered Monday, February 25, 2013 at 12:26 AM
    Hi Yarra, thanks for the question! I'm excited to hear about your interest in how planes work and engineering and I do not think that you should give up your dream because you are currently struggling in math and physics. Math and physics are a base to engineering, so you will have to work hard to make it happen, but that does not mean you cannot do it. What is really important is that you find something you love and the interest in how things work is a key aspect of engineering. I personally struggled through some of my core classes, but I excelled in and loved my major classes and I know others who felt the same. With hard work and extra focus, you may find that you will come to understand these tough subjects better in your own time. You may have to spend extra focus on working hard in these areas, asking for help, finding tutors, and the right people to help you get through your classes. Find a support group of friends, women engineers, and people at school that can help you understand and work hard on those classes. Asking for help is a good thing when you have trouble with a class and being able to do so will benefit you at work someday too. So what I am really saying is that you can definitely still excel as an engineer if these are not your best subjects, but you will need support and to put in a lot of hard work! But in the end, if you can do something that you enjoy, it will be worth it! Good luck! Nikki