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AddedThursday, March 29, 2012 at 7:40 AM

High School Engineering Program for Biomedical Career
I am a high shool junior considering becoming a biomedical engineer i enjoy math and science and also medical related classes and information. However i dont want to be a doctor so biomedical engineering seems like a good career. At my high school there is an engineering program that four periods of the day and covers math, science and english and also 4 different engineering technologies, CAD, electronics, manufacturing,and polymers. So i joined this program, got in, and then attended the first day. Now i feel that this program really doesnt appeal to me and also doesnt exactly relate to biomedical engineering. The class that i really dont like the thought of is manufacturing. So tell me does it sound as if the program will give me a good start to biomedical engineering or will i end up regretting staying in the program. It just seems like as a biomedical engineer i would need to know more medical than manufacturing and such. So let me know from professional standpoint.
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