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Are Math and Science Enough?
Hi. You see, when I grow up I want to be an engineer, My grandfather was an engineer. He was a great engineer. He died when I was a three. My Mom told me he loved science and math and that he loved math and science so much he wasn't really really good in english. So all I ask is that, Are the love of Maths and Science are the requirements of engineering? Or is anything else?
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    Hi, I also liked math and science when I was in school. My math homework always got done first. I took biology and chemistry in high school and physics when I was in college where I studied chemistry. I then went on for my PHD in chemistry with a project on catalysis which is very close to chemical engineering. Catalysis very important now with all the work being done to make fuels from alternative feed stocks such as woody wastes that contain cellulose. When I was in college almost no women got degrees in engineering. I might have studied chemical engineering if I had been in school ten years later. As for English, I did not particularly like my courses because I could not figure things out the way you can with math and science. I found when I was working, however, being able to write and speak clearly was important. In fact, as a manager I had to sign off on papers written by people who reported to me. i remember that I once spent a whole weekend reading a grammar book. That meant I had to know the grammar rules if I was going to tell someone that something was not correct. People can have their own style of writing so long as the message is clear. Of course, with spell check etc. on the computer this part of my job got a lot easier. Kathy Taylor